The Loch Lomond Highland Games – Like a Tourist Magnet

Visitors from Canada said they enjoyed the event describing Balloch as a very beautiful place and one that they would certainly like to visit again. They also thought the Highland Dancing competition to be very entertaining and well organized. Attendees from Germany expressed a similar sentiment saying that the event was very exciting. They singled out the pipe band and the beautiful girls dancing in beautiful highland attire as their favorite part of the event.

The wonderful weather made the day fantastic for The Loch Lomond Highland Games. The competitors made their best effort to create a fantastic show and the audience made the event even more lively by cheering their favorite competitors.

It is always a wonderful feeling to meet guests who have traveled from different parts of the world to attend The Loch Lomond Highland Games. The Loch Lomond Highland Games embraces the Scottish heritage and is a fantastic way for visitors to experience Scotland’s true taste. Major James Macrae, The Loch Lomond Highland Games’ Chieftain said that the annual event was very well attended and had been a great success. In the past few years, fantastic weather has made it possible for many people to attend the event. The event’s sponsors including West Dunbartonshire Leisure Trust, and West Dunbartonshire Council have also played a great role in the success of The Loch Lomond Highland Games. The spectators and competitors, as well as organizers of the event, are worth a mention because they make the event what it is.

Among the contestants of the 2019 edition of The Loch Lomond Highland Games was 5-year-old Jack who participated in tossing the caber — one of the most popular contests at The Loch Lomond Highland Games. The young lad showed Thomas Graham the stuff he was made of much to the delight of the fans. Thomas Graham has been a participant in The Loch Lomond Highland Games for several years. The two were joined by dancers 5-year-old Ella Potter, and 14-year-old Kristie Scott of Lacey Brown School of Dance who participated in the Highland dancing contest. They were among over three hundred and fifty participants showcasing their skills at The Loch Lomond Highland Games. It was the first time that Ella had participated in the event while it was the second time for Kristie.

Competitors from different parts of the world including Canada and the United States battled it out for the £12,000 prize up for grabs. The spectators were treated to a great show including the tug of war, highland dancing, pipe bands, solo piping, jumping, wrestling, cycling, and running. The two highlights of the event were undoubtedly the highland dancing contest and the Scottish Highland Games Association (SHGA) World Heavyweight Championship which included weight, ball, hammer, and caber.

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