Loch Lomond Highland Games on Saturday 18th July, 2015

09.30 am The Alastair MacDonald Memorial Local Heavyweight Competition
  16lb Ball
22lb Ball
16lb Hammer
22lb Hammer
28lb Weight
Local Caber
10.00 am Local and Open Solo Piping Juvenile Events
  Local March and Strathspey
Open Juvenile Piobaireachd
Draw 9.30 am
Draw 9.30 am
10.30am Highland Dancing Registration 10.00 am Prompt
  Primary (4-6 years old) 3 classes
Beginners (7-15 years old) 2 classes
Novice (7-15 years old) 2 classes
11.00am Open Solo Piping Juvenile March and Strathspey Draw 10.30am
11.00am Scottish Highland Games Association
  16lb Ball
22lb Ball
16 lb Hammer
22 lb Hammer
The Chieftains Qualifying Caber
28lb Weight
56lb Weight
Tossing the Caber
12 Noon Wrestling
Scottish Backhold Cumberland Style Championships
11 stone 7 lb
British Championship – 12 stone 7 lb
Open Heavyweight

12.15 – 12.30 pm


12.30pm Running Events Cycling Events

80 Mtrs Scottish Champ’p
90 Mtrs Back Marker Handicap
90 Mtrs Front Marker Handicap
200 Mtrs Open Handicap
400 Mtrs Open Handicap
800 Mtrs Open Handicap
1600 Mtrs Open Handicap
3200 Mtrs Open Handicap
90 Mtrs Youth Handicap
200 Mtrs Youth Handicap
800 Mtrs Youth Handicap

800 Mtrs Handicap
1600 Mtrs Handicap
3200 Mtrs Handicap
De’ll Tak the Hindmost
  Open Long Jump
Open Triple Long Jump
1.00pm Open Solo Piping – Seniors Draw 12.30 pm
  March and Strathspey
1.30pm Tug o War Contest ---- Local  
  5 Man Local
8 Man Open
2.00 pm
Highland Dancing  
  Intermediate (7 – 15 years old) 2 classes
Premier (7 years old – Adult) 4 classes
Approx 2.15 pm Childrens Races  
2.30pm Tug o War Contest -----Open  
4.15pm Grand Final and Presentation of Trophies and Prizes  
5.00pm Parade of Massed Bands through Balloch